Director Patrick Desmarattes is breaking the mold with strong female lead characters and a unique distribution model

January 12, 2015
Writer, Director, and Producer, Patrick Desmarattes speaks with the Carolina Film Community  about his latest film, Athena - The Goddess of War, what drove him to make films, why strong female lead characters are important, and what he's breaking the model of distribution.
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What do Casting Directors look for? Hear all about casting from Paige Johnston Thomas

December 30, 2014

Hear from Paige Johnston Thomas Co-Owner and Casting Director of Corrigan and Johnston Casting on the process and nuances of casting for TV, Commercials, and Film

As Co-Owner and Casting Director at C&J Casting, some of Paige's clients include local and national companies such as Harris Teeter, Target, Coke, Planters Peanuts, Fiat, Subway and NASCAR.  She received her Masters in Fine Arts at UNC-Chapel Hill, and has performed as an actor in countless plays. Her career in TV production started in New York where she worked at Emerald Films, a successful Video production company. In addition to her years as a Casting Director, she is also a theatre director, having worked with Carolina Actors Studio Theatre and Theatre Charlotte. Also, in an effort to keep the local talent viable and competitive, she has taught and mentored thousands of students through Acting and Auditioning workshops held through C&J Casting, Talent Agents and Acting Studios throughout the Southeast.

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Matt Villmer Talks Entertainment Law

December 23, 2014

What is an #entertainment #lawyer?  When do you need one?


Actors: What do you need to do to hone your skills & book work? Acting Coach and Actor Trinity Wright shares her tips.

December 17, 2014

Trinity Wright discovered her passion for acting and modeling at a very young age. She signed with her first agency at 8 years old and began doing commercial print work for companies such as Levi Jeans, The Children’s Place, and Chocolate Soup Clothing. As she got older Trinity shifted her focus to acting and was honored to be one of the youngest reoccurring cast members for several local theater groups. She began taking any acting classes or workshops that were available to develop her craft. Trinity had several lead roles in her high school plays and musicals while also spending weekends performing for the Shakespearean Scenario Group at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Trinity relocated to Charlotte about 4 years years ago to continue pursing her dream of acting. Her most recent work includes Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandma, principle roles in the short films "White Hell" and "The Hunt", and principle roles for  Volkswagen, Elevation Church, NASCAR, and Sona Med Spa.

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Spotlight on Director Paul Streiner: Winner of “Made in Charlotte” Film Contest Viewers Choice Award

December 11, 2014

PODCAST:  Spotlight on Paul Streiner of Pow Wow Films : Winner of "Made in Charlotte" Film Contest Viewers Choice Award for Alexandros The Great

Made in Charlotte 2014: Magic of Movies was the 5th annual Made In Charlotte Film Contest. 

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Spotlight on Director Chris Baker –Winner of the Carolina Film Community “Made in Charlotte” Film Contest

December 11, 2014

Made in Charlotte 2014: Magic of Movies was the 5th annual Made In Charlotte Film Contest. This year, filmmakers used the theme of magic to create a 5-7 minute long short film. Winner of this film contest was Chris Baker with his short film "Show Me Yours" a suspenseful, tense story where the tables are turned and victim becomes hero.

Follow Chris Bake on twitter:  @Cbake1369 

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Stunt Coordination and Fight Choreography with JC Kingsley!

October 27, 2014
Ever wondered what goes into creating a great fight scene?
Ever wanted to break into the field of stunt artistry?
Ever wondered what stunt coordinators and fight choreographers do?

Actors, are you looking to gain basic fight skills to up your game? Do you want to know what you can do at home to prepare yourself for take after take of fight scenes in terms of skills and stamina?  Want to add some items to your special skills section on your resume?

Listen to Stunt Coordinator and Fight Choreographer, JC Kingsley tall about these key elements of movie magic!
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The Craft of Acting with Helen Kearney Konen

October 21, 2014

The Carolina Film Community speaks with actor, writer, and director, Helen Kearney Konen, about the craft of acting. Helen is an acting coach trained in Method and works with intermediate to advanced actors for in-depth scene study. Learn how actors need to home their skills to nail the audition, and the job!


Carolina Film Community Presents: The Business of Voiceover with Voiceover Professional, Lisa Biggs

October 3, 2014

Carolina Film Community Presents: The Business of Voiceover with Voiceover Professional, Lisa Biggs

From Tot to Tween to Sweet Sixteen…
Lisa Biggs speaks Kid.

Lisa’s voice has elicited teasing and nicknames like “squeaky” since grade school. Even as a sophomore in college, after giving an oral presentation in sociology class, her professor approached her privately to say, "Your presentation was great, but you know if anybody is going to take you seriously in the real world you're going to have to do something about your voice”. And that’s exactly what Lisa did.

Lisa Biggs is a seasoned voice-actor who has been in the industry for the greater part of ten years--living and working in both New York City as well as Los Angeles. Clients have called Lisa “the one take wonder” and she has developed and mastered a wide range of signature sounds that kids relate to and parents respond to. She has a home studio and is available anywhere via ISDN.

When Lisa is not behind the mic, she enjoys making guacamole, learning to play the banjo and teaching acting to a very special group of students at the Frazee Dream Center.


Carolina Film Community speaks with Kamber Hejlik

September 14, 2014

What skills do you need to break into acting?  What skill must established actors hone continually?

Listen to Acting Out Studios Owner, Kamber Hejlik speak with the Carolina Film Community about the craft of acting.